Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

Walkie-talkie units come with rechargeable batteries and chargers to enable you and your staff to use these communication devices for daily use. After a few hundred charges and discharges, the capacity of these items will not last. There are cases when your 2-way radio (whether it is analogue or digital) units will only hold up for a couple of hours of use then dies, instead of throughout the day.

MacroVista carries a full range of replaceable batteries and chargers for various brands. Choosing high-quality batteries and chargers is important for operations, and in case of emergencies. We carry the following names:

  • Hytera
  • HYT
  • Motorola
  • MVP
  • iCOM
  • Vertex Standard
  • Standard Horizon

Products We Sell

  • Single-slot or multi-slot (gang) charger unit
  • Batteries

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