Remote Speaker Microphone

The remote speaker microphone, or commonly referred to as shoulder microphones, is designed to allow your staff in the organization to talk and listen without having to remove their walkie-talkie device from a case or belt. This is ideal especially if they are on the go because they are attached to the two-way radios with a long cord. The microphone can transmit radio transmission via its built-in speaker.

MacroVista offers remote speaker microphones with a wide range of features to improve audio capabilities. They are compatible for brands such as Motorola, Hytera, MVP, Standard Horizon and more.

Major Benefits of Remote Speaker Microphones

β€’ Keeps radio from dropping
β€’ Ideal for cancelling noise especially in acoustically challenged environments
β€’ Waterproof versions are available
β€’ Reliable
β€’ Easy to use

Industries Served

This excellent accessory is ideal for the following industries:

β€’ Public security
β€’ Government
β€’ Emergency
β€’ Academe
β€’ Traffic
β€’ Adventure or outdoor activities
β€’ Construction
β€’ Events
β€’ Marine

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