DMR Trunking System

MacroVista carries a full line of DMR Trunking System delivering organizational efficiency and solid communications for mission-critical radio communication users. DMR is considered a cost-efficient solution, providing end users with great benefits in digital technology,  high volume and wide area communications, from single to multiple sites operations with secured communications, added data applications, allowing users to scale up their communications needs in their daily operations.

The company is the official distributor of Hytera, one of the leading DMR TIER III trunking system manufacturers in the world. Hytera provides businesses with a flexible, digital trunked radio system according to DMR guidelines. Its DMR Trunking is a modular radio communication solution that can be tailored to customer needs and requirements. All products adhere to the standards defined by DMR Association for multi-vendor interoperability with other DMR equipment.

The Benefits of Hytera DMR Trunking System

  • Enhanced data ability
  • Better spectral efficiency
  • Single or Multi Sites Operations
  • Allow for inter operability with other DMR equipment
  • Smooth migration that supports migration from conventional to trunking
  • Versatile services or data applications available (such as voice, data, GPS applications available)

Because of these capabilities, DMR can now expand its scope to operation centres, industrial enterprises, mission critical and communication command hubs.

Why Choose DMR Trunking System?

  • Better spectral efficiency using DMR two-slot TDMA technique
  • High degree of scalability
  • Allow capability of carrying both voice and data applications
  • IP-based architecture enables flexible networking
  • Single or Multiple Site Operations
  • Flexible and cost effective solution
  • Secured

Which one is right for your business?

There are many factors that need to be considered before deciding on the right radio solution for you. These factors include how many radio sites required; the area size with which this communication system will be used; the number of users in the group; how many and what type of calls; if additional features are required like dispatcher and network management interfaces.

We are more than happy to provide you with more information and advice to fit your requirements. If you would like to discuss your DMR Trunking System requirements, please call us at +65 67489773 or email

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