Two-Way Mobile Station and Repeaters

MacroVista offers robust, high-powered mobile base stations and repeater systems to enable businesses and individuals to transmit communications for a much larger coverage area. These communication solutions can support 2 simultaneous voice paths using Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, integrating voice and data seamlessly with top-notch features that are easy to use and operate. In addition, they can be configured so that they can be capable of operating in analog, digital or mixed modes.

How do Mobile Stations and DMR Repeaters work?

Base stations (or site repeaters, RF repeaters) bring flexibility and power to a two-way radio network.

  • They usually comprise one fixed radio site that is connected to the dispatch center, providing RF communications to portables and mobile devices within a specific territory
  • They allow more channels and user groups and can operate over large areas or across a longer range that can be done by a portable walkie talkie radio
  • They are referred to as network component that provides RF coverage, receiving signals from radios and transmitting them to other radios

In essence, these RF repeaters offer flexible communications as they provide more power and capabilities than portable 2-way radios. They can connect to external antennas and can be used in environments where they can be used from a fixed location. Transmissions are generally received from walkie-talkie communications and are transmitted at a much higher wattage but on a different frequency.

MacroVista has the expertise in partnering with leading network vendors to offer high quality radio network solutions from industry-leading brands such as

  • Motorola
  • Hytera
  • Mototrbo

Our mobile base stations and repeater systems are

  • Available in UHF, VHF and 800/900 frequency bands
  • Built for convenience
  • Designed for expanded and easy fleet communications

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