Best Portable Digital Two-Way Radios

Digital Two-way Radios (or Digital Mobile Radios) are widely known to offer many advantages such as exceptional voice quality, integration with legacy systems, and better noise reduction. They utilize a wider spectrum of technology via analog logic trunked radio capabilities. A digital system can now be integrated into the expanding wireless IP network. More importantly, they are becoming cost effective.

MacroVista is a leading distributor of feature-rich digital two-way radios that can help achieve new levels of performance and efficiency. They are rugged and durable, and more importantly, affordable for today’s businesses. Customers can choose from a wide range of the best digital mobile radio brands on the market.

We Carry The Best Brands

  • Hytera
  • Mototrbo
  • MVP


Hytera DMR has been known to be sturdy and of high quality, offering a wide range of digitally enhanced feature sets and exceptional voice quality. The radios have lightweight designs and are truly excellent value for money.

The company also carries the high-performance HYT Radios by Hytera. The brand Hytera is now considered a benchmark in the DMR industry.

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Mototrbo (Motorola Walkie Talkies)

Mototrbo DMR is the next-generation professional radios from Motorola, the world’s most trusted technology brand. Whether companies require extra-tough devices or ultra-thin models, it has the right radio that suits every need.

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MVP digital mobile radios (DMR) offer features that can simplify daily communications for different organisations from various sectors like transportation, government agencies, public safety, utilities, and more.

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Why Buy The Best Two Way Radio Communication Devices From MacroVista?

  • We are Official Distributor
  • You get 100% original
  • Offers more varying price points
  • Enable 30-50% longer battery life
  • Enhanced sound and audio clarity
  • Greater calling capacity
  • Higher-quality coverage
  • Availability of software applications
  • After sales support

Our time saving two way communication solution is fast becoming a preferred choice for

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Public Safety
  • Military & Defense
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction & Maintenance
  • Facility & Security Management
  • Hospitality & Health Care
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Personal and Leisure use

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