License-Free Two-Way Radios

If cost efficiency and a range of up to 10km are what you require in business, then our high-quality license-free two-way radios are the ideal communications solution for you.

License-free radios two-way radios (also called PMR radios) are becoming increasingly popular. They are generally lower powered and suitable for use within a close proximity. Because of this, they allow immediate and economical on-site communications at no extra cost, including licensing fee.

As known specialist in radio communications technology, MacroVista can help you select the right license free radios for your business application, available from the industy’s leading brands, ranging from analog to digital:

  • Motorola
  • MVP
  • Hytera

Motorola Unlicensed Business Radios

Motorola’s unlicensed business radios enable businesses communicate instantly with crisp and clear audio and remarkable durability. They are compact and comfortable to operate, as they are sleek and lightweight.

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MVP License-Free Radios

MVP is fast-growing OEM of a range of license-free two-way radios that are durable and reliable for everyday use. The company focuses on the design and manufacture of quality radios suitable for use across all types industries from F&B retail to renovation.

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Hytera License-Free Radios

Hytera has been known for its high-quality digital license free radios that have a combination of leading edge radio technologies, user-centered design and impressive performance.

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The Benefits of Using License-Free 2-Way Radios

  • No license required
  • Good voice quality
  • No call contracts
  • No call charges
  • Ready to use
  • Pre-programmed radio frequencies
  • More cost efficient
  • Extensive coverage of up to 10 km (depending on conditions)
  • Analog and digital mobile radio support
  • Impressive battery life (applicable for selected models)

Our license-free radios are perfect for

  • Renovation
  • Events
  • Hospitality and tourist activities
  • Factories
  • Warehouse
  • CERT (Corporate Emergency Response Team)
  • Leisure and outdoor activities (cycling, biking, camping)

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