Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut resistant gloves are used when workers are at risk to be sliced or cut by equipment or the products they are handling. With the evolution in glove fabrics and technology, cut-resistant gloves are now thinner, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before plus offering the best dexterity.

How to choose the correct cut resistant glove

  1. Understand the level of cut protection required. Cut levels ranges from lowest 1 to highest 5 under CE EN 388 standard. ANSI/ISEA latest standard has cut ratings between A1 to A9 with cut gram score of 0 grams to 6000 grams indicated.
  2. Identify other features of the gloves such as puncture protection, abrasion protection, thermal protection, enhanced grip, high dexterity, chemical resistance, breathability, waterproof features.
  3. Arm protection, or sleeves that offer cut resistance, often is overlooked when selecting gloves. Understand whether you need cut protection beyond the hands in completing the task.
  4. Trial the glove. Evaluate the glove’s performance and garner user feedback on the suitability of the glove for your task.
  5. Consider the glove’s cost and replacement rate.
  6. Get individual user glove sizing and issue out the approved glove across your workforce.

MacroVista distributes a wide range of HexArmor highest cut level gloves such as the washable knit dip 2000 Series 2087 glove, Chrome Core 4032 mechanic glove and food handling NXT 10-302 glove. Specialised high cut resistant gloves like SteelLeather IX 5039 and Hercules 400R6E are also used as barbed or razor wire handling gloves including various arm sleeves such as AS019S are also available.

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If you do not know where to start with choosing the right cut level protection glove for your application or just want to speed things up, our Safety Consultants are here to recommend the most suitable cut resistant glove for your requirement.

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