Abrasion Resistance

Investing in cut-resistant, anti-cut tearing abrasion safety products reduces the risk of accidents that can result in the decline in productivity at work.

MacroVista is a leading regional distributor of personal protective equipment that help safeguard your people against these abrasion hazards – cut, tear and puncture – in various work environments. Delivering superior protection, these products meet – and even exceed – the many safety standards for resistance. They are

  • Protective vests
  • Front-to-back leg coverage
  • Neck protector
  • Arm sleeves
  • Hand protector
  • Head hood

These products are developed and manufactured by Hexarmor, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety protective gear.

Industries Served

These PPE products are ideal for use in the following sectors:

  • Automotive assembly operations
  • Shipping and receiving lines
  • Maintenance
  • General plant use

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