Does Proper Fit Size for Safety Gloves Matter?

(Main banner image, courtesy of HexArmor) The hands are the most important asset of every worker, especially if the work involves physical strength and exertion. Potential dangers to hands vary – they can include electrical dangers, abrasions, cuts, chemical or thermal burns, fractures, punctures, and amputations. Wearing personal protective equipment such as safety gloves is […]

ATEX & UL-Certified Two-way Radios: How To Know If They Passed the Explosive Safety Ratings

There are two-way radios that have been marketed globally to be “ATEX-certified” or “UL Listed”, and you wonder what makes them so unique from the more widely used analog or digital radio handhelds. In our previous blog, we talked about why these walkie talkies with these markings are more appropriate devices for a different type […]

Hytera PD608 Digital Walkie Talkie: Feature-rich, Innovative, IP67-rated, and more

The future of 2-way radios is digital. Digital mobile radios offer all – if not more of the features as traditional analogue radios. They have proven themselves daily in countless installations – reaching more innovations and new levels of performance and efficiency. Hytera, a leader in 2-way radio communication systems and solutions, brings to the […]