Hytera PD608 Digital Walkie Talkie: Feature-rich, Innovative, IP67-rated, and more

The future of 2-way radios is digital. Digital mobile radios offer all – if not more of the features as traditional analogue radios. They have proven themselves daily in countless installations – reaching more innovations and new levels of performance and efficiency. Hytera, a leader in 2-way radio communication systems and solutions, brings to the […]

Should Conventional Radio or Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) Radio be used for Hazardous Environments

Conventional 2-way radios are devices for instant communications that utilise radio frequencies (RF). They generally operate on fixed channels and are assigned a fixed frequency, allowing an easy transmission of messages to the other user in a matter of seconds. And because these are used for tactical or operational communications, they are widely popular for […]

Why License-Free 2-Way Radios Remain Popular

Radios, especially two-way handhelds, transmitted based on either VHF or UHF frequency, are governed by the country’s communication regulating body. They must be legally authorised by an official license from this group for mission-critical applications simply because of the unique frequency that always allows the end users to operate them securely. But there are walkie […]