PTT Earpiece, Covert Accessories and Ear Muffs

MacroVista offers an extensive range of PTT earpiece, Covert Accessories and Ear Muffs, also known as Noise Cancelling Headset. The company understands that the type of listening accessories offered is important, which allow end users to use the correct and comfortable accessories to ensure crisp and clear conversation can still be heard without hampering the operations, productivitiy and meeting safety requirements, while using walkie talkie.

PTT Earpiece

PTT Earpiece allows user to clearly receive the voice message while leaving their hands free for other tasks. Types of PTT Earpiece available includes:

  • One Touch Earbud Earpiece
  • G-Shell Style with PTT Microphone
  • D-Shell Style with PTT Microphone
  • Covert Kit with Acoustic Tube (commonly known as 2-wire or 3-wire surveillance kit)

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Covert Accessories

MacroVista also offers an extensive range of Covert accessories suitable for law enforcement, military, defense, SWAT applications. They include:

  • Bone Conducting Microphone
  • Tactical Throat Microphone

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Ear Muffs (Noise Cancelling Headset)

For users working under extreme noisy environment, demand a degree of comfort and noise cancellation that require clear message to be received, MacroVista carries a full line of noise cancelling as wel as safety compliant ear muffs or headset, designed to the highest standards by some of the world’s leading safety brands such as Howard Leight and 3M. Available in ATEX and non ATEX version.

Types of Ear Muffs:

• Helmet Mount

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