Marine Radios

Marine Radios are one of the important communication devices on board any ship or vessel. Ships like yours must operate safely efficiently because they serve as the only lifeline to reach and receive assistance even in times of emergencies.

MacroVista is a leading regional distributor of the finest marine radios on the market, offering the following devices:

  • Handheld – generally carried anywhere in the ship or from one boat to another
  • Mounted – connected to an antenna and must install radios

Marine Radios (or VHF marine radios) are devices designed for professional use marine communications and across water, using the right frequencies specifically for this purpose. These products can be installed in base stations and can offer high radio functionality and reliability and can cover HF to VHF frequency – the most critical frequencies in marine communications. The company represents the world’s leading marine communication devices that are unsurpassed for production quality and reliability:

  • Icom
  • Standard Horizon



Icom is globally renowned for producing reliable 2-way radios for more than 50 years. Its marine radios are among the most reliable and waterproofed in the market today, making it an ideal choice for commercial mariners and boat owners.

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Standard Horizon

Standard Horizon has been a trusted brand in marine communications for years. It has a reputation of dependability mixed with innovative and rich features.

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Why Use Marine Radios?

  • Fully functional
  • Has waterproof portable transceiver
  • Multi function remote access microphone
  • Submersible under water

Our marine radios are used in the following sectors:

  • Shipping & Marine
  • Fishing
  • Marine and Naval Coast Guards
  • Leisure activities such as yachts and powerboats

MacroVista carries a full selection of handheld and mounted radios utilising the latest technologies to diverse market segments.

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