Rescue Stretchers

Rescue stretchers offer the most universally accepted method of rescuing a casualty in any work environment.

MacroVista offers a full line of safe rescue for extrication and evacuation from the world’s leading PPE brands

  • Attucho
  • Miller
  • Petzl

These products are tailored to the specific needs of customers and organisations across multiple industries. These are

  • Rescue slings
  • Stretchers

Why Buy This Product From Us?

As a leading regional distributor of PPE products, we believe in providing the most excellent all-around proven search and rescue equipment for your needs at work. We can assure that they are

  • OSHA-approved PPE
  • Ideal for use in buildings, confined spaces, and industrial accidents
  • Easily maintained
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Easy to store

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