Attucho Niel Robertson

Designed specially to transfer casualty vertically or horizontally in narrow spaces and difficult conditions. Can be used together with all standard spine boards. Can be stored easily for easy transport. Comes with built-in head immobiliser. Model: A0120 Condition: New For prices and quotations: please call +65 67489773 or e-mail us at Contact Us for Prices

Miller Evac Body Splint

Lightweight body splint ideal for confined space evacuation. Once wrapped around a casualty, it provides a rigid splint. Padded shoulder straps provide extra support and protection for the casualty. Can be stored in a compact bag and is easy to transport. Can be used vertically and horizontally. Fitted with foot supports. Model: 1007046 Condition: New […]

Miller Rescue Sling

Used by many leading rescue services around the world. Comfortable and easy-to-use rescue sling is based on a helicopter sling. Chest strap can be undone and fitted around the casualty while remaining attached to rescue system. Adjustable leg straps allow any angle of casualty lift. 2 additional attachment rings regulate the size for smaller casualties. […]

Petzl NEST

Allows the patient to be transported horizontally, vertically or at an angle, to adapt to irregular or narrow terrain. Litter has a complete body harness integrated in it to secure the patient. DoubleBack self-locking buckles for quick, easy adjustment. Foam padding provides comfort for the patient’s back. Rigid stays can be removed to reduce bulk […]