Safety Lanyards

Safety lanyards are designed to effectively arrest the fall of workers at height while reducing the shock load on their body. They connect to an anchor point and can therefore secure the live of the user.

MacroVista offers an extensive line of fall protection safety lanyards that extremely durable and easy to use. We offer the following types, which include:

  • Fall protection lanyards
  • Tie back lanyards
  • Fall arrest lanyard
  • Safety harness lanyard
  • Positioning lanyard
  • Adjustable lanyard
  • Shock absorbing lanyard
  • Fall arrest lanyard
  • Restraint lanyard

Brands We Carry

  • Miller
  • King’s
  • Petzl

Why Choose Safety Lanyards?

A safety lanyard is a short section of cable that is attached to the D-ring of a safety harness. This device is linked to the worker’s fall protection anchor point. What makes it enviable is that it has a shock-absorbing feature because it is connected to a lifeline.

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