Self-Retracting Lifelines

Self-retracting lifelines are life-saving PPE devices that can stop a tragic fall. Workers at height are assured that these retractable products give them the security they need when working from an elevated place where possible fatalities may likely occur at any given time.

MacroVista carries a full selection of retractable lanyards and fall limiters, designed to be used by workers in work conditions where fall protection is truly paramount. The products we carry are manufactured by Miller Fall Protection – a global industry leader in safety, quality and innovation.

Why Choose Self-retracting Lifelines/Fall Limiters?

Proper use of self-contained retractable lanyards can save lives and eliminate potentially serious injuries from a fall. They are usually placed above the worker’s head with its cable retracting up into its housing to reduce dangerous slack in the lifeline.

In case a fall happens, the inertial breaking mechanism from the device quickly locks into place, preventing the user from falling more than a few inches. It is generally attached to the D-ring of a safety harness.

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