Head, Eye And Face Protection

Study shows that thousands of workers are blinded every year from work-related eye injuries and accidents. About 90% of these mishaps can be prevented through personal protective eyewear, safety googles or glasses. Head protection to also cover the eye and face is critical.

MacroVista has an extensive experience in carrying a full line of high-performance products that ensure head, eye and face protection for your workers at height, in potentially hazardous situations and in workplaces where safety and preparedness are important. These are

Why Invest In Head, Eye And Face Protection?

The right face, head and eye protection can protect your workers from

  • Falling objects
  • Electric shocks especially if the worker is exposed to electric conductors
  • Harmful elements and foreign objects
  • Accidents
  • Work-related hazards

Keeping your workers safe begins when you provide them with the right protection that is easy to wear, comfortable and suitable for every user.

Safety Spectacles

Protection for the eyes against:

  • low energy impacts (mechanical resistance for an impact of up to 45 m/s)
  • harmful rays: Ultraviolet (UV) / Infrared (IR).


Protection for the eyes against:

  • medium energy impacts (mechanical resistance for an impact of up to 120 m/s)
  • the risk of intrusion by dust, ne particles or harmful chemical products (liquids, sprays, gas)
  • the risks from molten metal projections
  • harmful rays (UV / IR)

Face Shields

Protection for the eyes and face against:

  • medium and high energy impacts from sparks or solid bodies, plus projections (liquids, molten metals) that can cause generalised facial injuries
  • hazards from electric arc discharges caused by short-circuits
  • harmful rays (UV / IR)

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