Safety eyewear (as part of head, face and eye accessories) requires superior cleaning for better life and durability, as it is the most essential and generally used protective equipment at work. A thoroughly cleansed product ensures not only optimal visibility in job sites where dust particles and debris are prevalent but also long-term health for your people.

MacroVista supplies cleaning products from top manufacturers of protective eyewear for workers.

Vision Care Is Part of Creating A Safety Culture

Why is caring for safety eyewear important?

  • High-quality safety goggles are an investment. This impacts performance and financial investment you made in this very critical personal protective equipment
  • Wrong solutions can cause microscopic scratches. Though invisible in the eye, the quality of the product’s lenses start diminishing after several uses, and vision becomes impaired
  • Scratches are not removable. Once they become visible, the lenses have to be replaced.

Caring for and cleaning safety glasses is key to guaranteeing safety for everyone who wears them.

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