Gas Detector Calibration

Gas Detector Calibration

Gas detectors have been considered an important personal protection device for organizations in various applications.

  • They have the ability to detect the presence of gas, gas leaks and oxygen deficiencies in an area;
  • It can interface with a control system to shut down operation; and
  • It can sound an alarm to detectors in work environments where these leaks are occurring. This enables you to advise people in that place to take action and leave immediately

Calibrating this vital PPE tool is key to ensuring personal safety of workers from these hazardous substances.

Why the need for gas detector calibration?

Inaccurate measurement of these substances can leave organizations, especially those who are in the gas and oil sectors, exposed to risks of suffering financial losses due to work-related accidents.

A fully calibrated device is crucial to these fields. With calibration of gas detection equipment from MacroVista, you can be assured of the highest degree of accuracy, helping you minimize measurement uncertainties.

Our services are ideal in industries that have

  • Oil refineries
  • Production facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Shipping terminals
  • Distribution pipeline systems
  • Gas plants

Our safety experts and technicians can assist with the calibration of all primary and tertiary instrumentation.

Why MacroVista?

 MacroVista’s gas detector calibration services guarantee you the highest accuracy and integrity of your measurement instrumentation.

  • We are positioned to provide rapid deployment of gas detection equipment to meet the needs of clients
  • We have the experience in the industry covering calibration that ensures measurement accuracy. We believe a fully functioning device enables you to detect
  1. Combustible gas
  2. Flammable gas
  3. Toxic gas
  4. Oxygen depletion

By choosing MacroVista as your gas detection maintenance and calibration provider, you gain access to our expertise and skills.

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