WAH PPE & Lifeline Inspection

WAH PPE & Lifeline Inspection

Annual Work-at-Height (WAH) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and engineered lifeline inspection services from MacroVista allows you to reduce the risks of equipment failure and ensures that you meet all relevant regulatory requirements for your Fall Protection System. We ensure that your Miller by Honeywell WAH PPE undergo manufacturer compliant inspection and servicing by a competent and certified PPE inspector. We also offer maintenance contracts for your WAH PPE, vertical and horizontal engineered lifelines for your peace of mind.

We provide the highest level of expertise and integrity in special inspection and materials testing of your equipment in order to ensure compliance, thereby reducing various health and safety risks associated with improper maintenance, contamination and damage. We ensure all WAH personal protective equipment are functioning in good working condition by examining each component in detail and identifying any visible signs of cracks, scratches, dirt, abrasion, deterioration, and/or chemical damage.

Our Services

  • Annual Inspection of the Work-at-Height PPE’s parts and components
  • Servicing and Repair of Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL), Automatic Descenders and Personal Rescue Device (PRD)
  • Annual Inspection and Maintenance of Vertical, Horizontal Lifelines and Safety Ladders with Integrated Fall Arresters.
  • Inspection and Disposal of WAH equipment or lifelines after arresting a fall

MacroVista’s services will help you certify that your Work at height PPE is ready for use and can operate efficiently to protect users in case of emergencies.

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