Singapore Turf Club

CASE STUDY: Singapore Turf Club


Singapore Turf Club (aka STC) was founded in 1842 as the Singapore Sporting Club. Today, it is the oldest existing and only horse racing club in Singapore. STC currently operates from Kranji since 1999. It is now one of the premier racecourses in the world that not only provides world-class quality horse racing.

Challenges faced and requirements:

Rapid, efficient, reliable on-site communication has been an essential requirement for sports venues, for the safety of both public and staff as well as for smooth operation, especially during racing days.

Prior to adapting Hytera’s solution, STC was faced with several challenges on the existing communication system not meeting their requirements. STC wants to build up a new wireless communication system to reach below requirements:

  • At least 95% signal coverage can be reached in the whole park
  • Minimum 6 talking groups can exist simultaneously
  • Support trunking mode
  • Support voice & data recording
  • Mass Broadcast
  • Better handset with longer battery life and talktime


MacroVista has successfully migrated the existing Analog system to a Hytera’s Digital Trunking System that meets STC’s requirements in 2015:

  • Hytera DMR Trunking Lite DS-6211
  • Hytera Smart Dispatch
  • Hytera Transceivers (PD708/PD788/X1p)
  • Hytera Mobile StationD788
  • Indoor & Outdoor Antenna System