Better situational awareness by recording evidence as they happen in real-time


We offer body worn cameras to facilitate efficient security and monitoring for organizations of any size


Closed-circuit Television (CCTV)

Stay in the know with CCTVs that allow your business to keep an eye on what is happening inside your business. View and record events in real-time. 

Body Worn Cameras

Wearable devices clipped onto the uniform and can be turned on to record audio and video. Clips are saved with date stamps, time and GPS coordinates. 

The Importance of Infrastructure Security 

Surveillance plays an important role in every business. Everywhere we go, we see cameras around us, as we enter a building or as we stroll around the shopping mall. They have been proven to deliver high levels of security for everyone every day. 

There are a wide variety of surveillance devices that are suitable for every requirement. CCTVs for example come in various models that suit various applications or situations. Body camera can be used by law enforcement even by safety managers inspecting a job site. 

MacroVista carries a suite of surveillance products from body cameras to CCTVs from leading brands in the market. Choose product that meets your requirement.

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