Head, Eye & Face Protection

Safeguard the most important assets of your workers


We have extensive experience in delivering above-the-neck personal protective equipment offering comfort, compatibility, and cost-efficiency. 

Safety Helmets

Protect the head of your workers against various hazards such as falling objects, sharp objects, lateral forces, shocks, high temperature and more. 

Safety Goggles

Your best defense against eye-related injuries, protecting eyes from potential hazards that could lead to eye complications or possibly blindness. 

Importance of PPE for Head, Eye and Face

Above-the-neck PPE cover the head, face and eye, now with increasing concern and demand for selecting the right products and compatibility. And why not? We should view the head as integrated, because they also protect the brain, ears and mouth. Work-related accidents that affect these areas result in permanent disability and possibly death. 

MacroVista brings to fore high-quality above-the-neck personal protective equipment providing not just compatibility but also comfort and style. We are committed to ensuring that you achieve your goals: increased impact protection, comfort and compliance and significant savings. Contact us today to find our more. 


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Head, Eye & Face Protection