Hearing Protection

Exceptional hearing protection for workers


We have extensive experience in providing businesses with superior ear protection that significantly reduces noise in an environment where workers have very high noise exposure. 

Ear Muffs

This protective equipment offers a wide range of protection such as reducing noise exposure that matches the environment. They are easy to put on and comfortable to ear. 

Ear Plugs

These products offer a great choice for environments that demand a high degree of comfort, hygienic issues and other prevailing conditions that may affect the worker’s productivity. 

Importance of Ear Protection

Hearing loss is considered the number 1 sensory disability in the world. According to World Health Organization, it is estimated that 16% of hearing loss worldwide comes from work-related noise exposure.  

MacroVista offers brands that enables businesses to reduce this type of risk. We want safety managers to equip workers with ear protection that reduces the risk of incurring hearing loss due to noise, it is important for organizations, employers and individuals to understand how they can better protect themselves and their employees from excessive noise in the workplace. 

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Hearing Protection