Protective Work Wear

Industrial safety that gives workers the confidence to do their job and get home safe, every day


Every work is different and yet each activity comes with risks. MacroVista offers personal protective equipment specifically tailored to your industry and workers. 

Reflective Vests

Professional-grade, ultra-weight protection vests for high visibility in the workplace. 

Disposable Coveralls

Economical yet highly effective fabric protective garment offering protection from dust, mold and other particulates. 

Emergency Response

Protective workwear designed for first responders, emergency and recovery workers from various types of emergency such as structural collapse, earthquakes, falls, terrorism, disease outbreaks and more. 


Get full-body superior protection coverage when dealing with contaminants and chemical elements in the workplace. 

Firefighting Equipment

Firefighter wear that is durable and reliable in times of ‘first attack’ fire fighting measures. 

Chemical Protection

Full protection from serious injuries resulting from contact with chemical hazards. 

Importance of Protective Workwear

MacroVista delivers the right personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide protection from serious injuries or illnesses resulting from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other hazards such as fires and impact.

Businesses can carefully choose and select PPE that guarantees safeguarding workers involved in workplace industries that have hazards that affect the respiratory system, skin, eyes, face, hands, feet, head, and body.

Protective workwear covers them all and can be used in conjunction with other protective methods, including exposure control procedures and equipment. 

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Protective Work Wear