Safety Shoes

Protect your workers’ feet with highly durable industry-certified safety shoes 


We offer a comprehensive selection of footwear protection based on your need and budget. All safety shoes are certified to EN ISO 20345. 

Safety Shoes

Give your workers full foot protection from feet-related injuries like cuts, lacerations, burns, shocks, sprains, fractures, broken bones, crushed feet and finger loss. 

Highly Durable & Industry-Certified Safety Shoes

Foot injuries are a serious health threat if not addressed properly.  OSHA identifies that at least 60,000 foot injuries are responsible for keeping people from work every year. 

MacroVista offers a wide variety of safety footwear based on your requirement, budget and application. We guarantee protection in every area of one’s feet. For instance, our boots and shoes have protective toe-cap to protect the upper part of the feet. The outsoles are meant for anti-vibration 

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Safety Shoes