Emergency Response Products

Safeguard the most important assets of your workers


We have extensive experience in delivering above-the-neck personal protective equipment offering comfort, compatibility, and cost-efficiency. 


Hytera is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional mobile solutions including communication equipment for emergency responses (comprising critical surveillance and dispatch systems for emergency communication, integrated command and control systems, and wireless video transmission systems). The company has the advantage of having reliable portable communication devices that enable workers to respond to precarious situations in a fast, orderly and efficient manner.

Emergency Response Products

Businesses and public safety organisations need a notification system that delivers critical alerts and conveys messages to the right people at the right time in the event of industrial accidents, natural disasters and criminal activity. Emergency response communication solutions give your personnel the full confidence to handle these challenges with extensive coverage and voice quality in high stress, high noise environments inside building premises, dense urban, and remote areas as well as in the outdoors.

MacroVista has years of experience in carrying emergency response systems to provide users with excellent audible and visual communications. It ensures that the brands it carries meet regulatory compliance standards and interoperability tests, allowing organisations to upgrade and expand fleet as soon as opportunity comes.

The company partners with Hytera, one of the world’s best technology providers to design and deploy the best solutions.


The Benefits of Emergency Response Communications

  • Exceptionally usable
  • Interoperable Communications
  • Integrated points of command and control
  • High level of security

MacroVista understands the challenges organisations like yours face to provide reliable communications that work seamlessly in critical situations.

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Here are a few answers from frequently asked questions regarding our above-the-neck PPE. If you have other questions, please click the button below. 

What type of above-the-neck PPE do you offer?

MacroVista offers protective workwear that covers the head, face and eye. By doing so, you also safeguard the internal organs, the most important of which is the brain.  

What brands do you carry?

We offer the following brands: MSA, Portwest, Uvex and Honeywell. 

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we do not have minimum order. We also accept bigger orders. Let us know so we can give you a quote. 

Can you provide advice on what brand and product to use?

Absolutely. We provide advice, no-obligation consultation at no extra cost. This way, we gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs and how we can meet them. 

How can I get in touch with you?

You can email us at  sales@macrovista.com or call (+65) 6748 9773. 


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