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The hands are the most important asset of every worker, especially if the work involves physical strength and exertion.

Potential dangers to hands vary – they can include electrical dangers, abrasions, cuts, chemical or thermal burns, fractures, punctures, and amputations. Wearing personal protective equipment such as safety gloves is the best way to be protected.

Having them on during work shift is not enough. In fact, safety gloves that do not fit will not actually protect the hands. Fit is crucial because it means comfort for the users. If they are not comfortable, workers will not wear them or worse, take them off even during work.

Consider this: If the gloves are too small, they can limit movement which can cause fatigue and skin irritation. And if the gloves are too large, they can affect proper grip. If workers are not cautious, their hands can quickly get caught by the machine or any moving tools.

How to find out the right size

HexArmor came up with a glove sizing guide to help you find out what size is appropriate for those who will be wearing hand protection PPE. Industrial gloves fit differently than most gloves because of the materials that serve as extra layers of protection.

Take impact, for example. Gloves from industries that have high risks of crushing impact hazards must be designed to protect hand and finger injuries. The HexArmor Rig Lizard 2021 features Back-of-hand IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton with a high-flex design that can keep hands 100% safe from possible smash and impact. Its Durable TP-X® palm with reinforced stitching pattern provides the ultimate dexterity and grip in wet/dry applications. Best of all it has a SlipFit® cuff that offers comfort and convenience.

Using the guide, you can get a measuring tape to measure the circumference around the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Your hand should be open with the fingers together.

Another way to use this guide is to print it in original size (100% size) to help you get the most accurate measurements possible. Simply place your right hand on the glove chart so that the saddle of your thumb and index finger line up with the X. The closest measurement to the right edge of your hand will be the appropriate size of your safety gloves.

Properly fitting safety gloves encourage all-day comfort to workers and ultimately enjoy their work

Wearing the properly fitting safety gloves lessens the strain on one’s hands. They can provide individuals with a better grip and perform their job to the best of their ability.

We help organizations select and recommend the right type of gloves that workers will wear not only because they fit but also because they are quality! Contact one of our safety experts today for your questions and concerns.

Phone: +65 6748 9773
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Phone: +65 6748 9773
Email: sales@macrovista.com