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(Level A1-A3)


(Level A4-A6)


(Level A7-A9)

Impact Resistant

Needlestick Resistant

Puncture Resistant



Cut resistant gloves for workers who are at risk of cuts from tools, sharp objects and other equipment. 

Food processing & chemical-resistant

Protection against chemicals and other substances that may cause cancers from gloves used in food handling and chemical processing. 


Heat-resistant work gloves designed for high temperatures, flame contact, insulation and more. 


Work gloves designed for protection from sudden impact, crashes, falling objects commonly found in construction job sites.  


Special type of gloves that can help in reducing the effects of harmful vibration any equipment or machine transmit to the workers’ hands. 

General Purpose

Work gloves that offer firm grip while providing comfort, protection and style. 


Work gloves for specific applications and can give reliable protection in any work condition. 

Importance of Hand Protection PPE 

The industrial environment is always vulnerable to various risks where the health of your workers can be easily compromised.  

Protecting the hands has never been critical as it is a critical aspect of personal protective wear. Hand protection gloves safeguard workers against work-related hazards which can be in the form of chemical substances, burns, falling objects, machinery blades and many more. 

There are several types of safety gloves you can choose from for protection depending on the nature of the industry. If one works in a laboratory, the glove must be for dealing with particulates. If one is exposed to cold weather, the glove must be suitable for this cold room environment.  

MacroVista carries a wide range of safety gloves for various applications – from HexArmor, Granberg and Portwest.

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Hand Protection