Fall Protection

Protecting your people who are working at heights is considered a life or death situation. A comprehensive fall protection program in place can minimise serious injuries, protect lives of workers (even their families) and make a good business sense. That is why eliminating the hazard with the right products and equipment is always the best investment you can make.

MacroVista carries a full line of fall protection systems to keep your workers-at-height the freedom to perform their jobs efficiently and safely.

These products are designed and manufactured by the leading safety brands in the market today. These are

  • Miller
  • Petzl
  • Soll

Our Fall Protection Products are OSHA-compliant

These products are carefully tested and evaluated to meet the applicable OSHA fall protection standards.

Which Products Are Right For You?

Fall arrest systems comprise three different components:

  • Anchorage connector
  • Safety harness or the body wear
  • Connecting device

These three components must be in place and used. Always evaluate all fall protection products for specific applications (Example: make sure that the safety harness fits comfortably in the body). Do not run the risk of using imitations or products that are not known.

You must always know the fall distance and identify the right equipment to meet the fall clearance. This fall distance should be calculated before choosing your fall arrest system.

Businesses like yours must understand the different types of products that are available, and know which would be the most appropriate for that particular environment.

Browse the best selection of fall protection products below.

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