Chemical Gloves

Workers most often fail to use appropriate chemical gloves and PPE when dealing with various chemicals, solvents, acids, lubricants and oils. Exposure to chemicals and solvents can cause serious health issues.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that acute, short duration exposure, and chronic, prolonged, or repeated exposure to solvents through skin absorption may be associated with a potential range of health effects. These may include dermatitis, respiratory impairment, nervous system toxicity, reproductive damage, liver and kidney damage, and cancer.

How to choose the correct chemical glove

  1. Identify the chemicals used in your work process and obtain the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The SDS would specify the appropriate PPE to be used when handling these chemicals.
  2. Selecting the correct chemical glove. There are an assortment of chemical glove materials (like Rubber/Latex, Nitrile, Neoprene, PVC, Viton, Butyl and other synthetics) offering varying levels of protection against specific chemicals.
  3. Identify other hazards for the task and consider other features like puncture protection, cut protection, thermal protection, grip and dexterity.
  4. Trial the glove. Evaluate the glove’s performance and garner user feedback on the suitability of the glove for your task.
  5. Consider the glove cost’s and replacement rate.
  6. Get individual user glove sizing and issue out the approved glove across your workforce.

MacroVista carries several Ansell chemical gloves such as AlphaTec 58-535, Solvex 37-175 and Touch N Tuff 92-600. We also distribute HexArmor chemical gloves with impact protection like The Mudder 7300 and 7301 series along with HexArmor cut and puncture resistant chemical glove Barrier 7200.

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If you do not know where to start with choosing the right chemical glove for your application or just want to speed things up, our Safety Consultants are here to recommend the most suitable chemical glove for your requirement.

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