Impact Resistant Gloves

Hand and finger injuries often lead to the industry’s recordable incidence rates every year. Instances of crushes, fractures, dislocations and amputations represent a significant number of serious hand finger injuries. These typically are the result of impact and pinch points hazards such as from handling/positioning heavy equipment, slipped tools like hammers and ill-fitting wrenches, closing of hatches, missing finger guards etc.

Impact resistant gloves against hand and finger injuries has come a long way with development of new materials, improved design and better manufacturing methods. These resulted in impact resistant gloves with significantly improved back of hand impact protection, better dexterity, enhanced comfort, more abrasion resistance, longer glove lifespan and higher cut level protection.

How to choose the correct impact resistant glove

  1. Understand the level of impact protection required. High performance impact protection is necessary for medium- to heavy-duty tasks.
  2. Identify other features of the gloves such as puncture protection, cut protection, thermal protection, enhanced grip, high dexterity, chemical resistance, waterproof feature for the safe completion of the task.
  3. Trial the glove. Evaluate the glove’s performance and garner user feedback on the suitability of the glove for your task.
  4. Consider the glove’s cost and replacement rate.
  5. Get individual user glove sizing and issue out the approved glove across your workforce.

MacroVista distributes a wide range of HexArmor impact gloves such as the low cost Hex1 2130X, cheap Thin Lizzie 2090 and cost competitive Rig Lizard 2021. We also carry specialised impact gloves like HexArmor highest impact protection GGT5 4021X glove and cold weather impact protection Rig Lizard Arctic 2023 glove.

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If you do not know where to start with choosing the right impact protection glove for your application or just want to speed things up, our Safety Consultants are here to recommend the most suitable impact resistant glove for your requirement.

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