Hytera VS-5700

With outstanding diffraction performance, Hytera VS-5700 always achieves high image effect and stable transmission even over a long distance. Information security can also be guaranteed with the advanced encryption technology.

Hytera VS-5700 can be widely used to cope with terrorist attacks, violent crimes and various major emergencies and natural disasters. Hytera VS-5700 serves multi-applications. As a Mobile Command that assist emergency response team to react to sudden incidents where the emergency vehicles can not get into the spot.

Hytera VS-5700 can be carried by a person into the spot to collect the information. Through the vehicle receiver, all situations can be learned on a real-time basis, and an on-site mobile command system can be established to resolve the incident.

Hytera VS-5700 is also a Dispatching Vehicle Repeater that serves in areas beyond the base station coverage. It can be mounted on a dispatching vehicle can transmit the front-line video to the command center, so as to realize wider communication coverage and to achieve remote monitor.

Hytera VS-5700 is also a Base Station Networking that can be located at several high places (the exact number of such places depends on the actual coverage) across the city. In case of security activities or sudden incidents, Hytera VS-5700 can realize real-time monitor of the progress.