Portwest PW54 – Endurance Plus Visor Helmet

Endurance Plus Visor helmet features an unvented ABS shell, 6-point textile suspension harness, wheel ratchet size adjustment (56-63 cm) as well as comfort sweatband and chin strap. Sold with retractable clear visor PW56 included.

  • UKCA marked
  • CE certified
  • Lateral deformation
  • Protection against Molten Metal
  • Electrical properties ( 440Vac)
  • Up to 7 years lifetime from manufacturing date (as long as undamaged)
  • Available in multiple colourways
  • Replacement visor available
  • Compatible with PS58 helmet visor holder
  • Compatible with PW47 and PS47 clip-on ear muff
  • Chin strap included
  • Retractable clear visor included
  • Size adjustable headband via wheel ratchet system
  • 6-point textile suspension harness for enhanced wearer comfort and safety
  • Electrical insulation up to 1000Vac or 1500Vdc (EN 50365)
  • Unvented helmet shell for safe use with electrical applications
  • Materials: ABS, Polycarbonate
  • Standards: -30°C/+50°C, MM, LD, 440V a.c., 1 FT, CLASS E

** Available in Singapore and the Philippines.

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