Walkie Talkie Trunking System and Mobile Stations

MacroVistaā€™s walkie talkie trunking system and mobile stationsĀ take your communication to a whole new level by providing you with a full functioning, integrated two-way radio trunked network.

We Offer The Following Walkie Talkie Systems

Excellent Radio Coverage For Your Organisation

Enterprises rely on technologies that allows clear, instant and reliable communications. A good trunk radio system can accommodate and allow operations of a wide range of portable and mobile radios and mobile stations, providing instant communication sharing of radio frequency to a large group of users.

  • It is a specialized repeater system that offers multiple frequencies, allowing channelized, semi-private conversations between and among groups of users than it actually has allocated RF channels (Delivering high-performance distributedĀ antenna system)
  • It uses a control channel on each radio site to broadcast information to radio terminals
  • It delivers high quality service to end users while ensuring an efficient use of frequency allocation
  • It allows assigning users to a logical grouping or ā€˜talkgroup.ā€™ If one user wants to communicate with another within the talkgroup, an available radio channel can be detected automatically by the system
  • It delivers advanced features such as call queuing (especially if the called party is already in a call); sending short messages on the control channel; subscriber database allowing system access and service level to be managed on a per user basis

What makes it different from a traditional conventional radio trunked system?

The traditional conventional system has dedicated channels that are allocated to a group of users within the network. If one needs to converse with another with another user, he must select a channel manually.

The trunking system is more sophisticated as it is ā€˜computer-controlledā€™ and relies on repeater technology.Ā A repeater is a communications device used to transmitĀ at a much higher wattage than usual portable radios because they allow much larger coverage area. IfĀ one user wants to speak to another, the system automatically reroutes and assigns the person to the first free available channel to enable calling, courtesy of the repeater.

The Advantages of a Radio Communication Trunking System

  • More cost efficient than a traditional conventional radio system
  • It saves time and investment
  • A viable solution for businesses that require a large group of users
  • Make provision for operations to be scaled
  • Voice, data, GPS applications can be included
  • Single or Multi Site Operations allowed

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