With more people shifting to remote setups, many businesses fear that their staff will have a hard time staying connected at all times and keeping themselves focused on their responsibilities.

The right telecommuting tools can make a world of difference when it comes to getting things done wherever your people are. Communication and collaboration are still achievable to keep everyone in the loop through platforms now available in the market such as eDEN.

eDEN, which stands for Enhanced Digital Engineering Network, allows communicating – talking and listening extensively – to different people and groups with a press of a button in real-time. It can enhance your coverage and optimize capacity by connecting push-to-talk over cellular radios on the same platform. It is built for business, can be implemented quickly and thus empower teams anywhere without comprising productivity.

Here are the reasons why eDEN is an excellent telecommuting tool that makes communication faster and easier:

Instant Communications
Teams often require connections that go beyond a work site or office. eDEN enables instant collaboration – anytime, anywhere, resulting in effective communications across boundaries, especially when every second count. Instantly connect with hundreds of people or too many islandwide radios at once with group communications. Or you can talk privately one-to-one in your group.

This prominent feature from eDEN connects your workforce with seamless unified workgroup communications.

Keeping it “Always On”
Is your goal more opportunities for a free flow of communication and feedback? eDEN keeps connection always-on, a necessity for maintaining a highly engaged team.

You can build the habit of keeping the team in touch, all without setting up additional systems. You do not need to dial a number and wait for someone to pick it up. Now you can get better situational awareness and make more informed decisions because the ALWAYS ON feature allows instant transmission of voice messages.

Talk to groups and guarantee that your colleagues are 100% informed. eDEN’s broadcasting feature ensures clear announcements within a 5-10-meter radius so you can get in touch faster, get more work done and operate more efficiently. You need not have to worry about someone manning the device because you might miss important calls or messages.

Missed voice messages? eDEN allows you to play them back anytime, keeping you abreast of all communications.

Easy Connectivity
This feature connects your handheld to any home or office Wi-Fi connectivity, and GSM networks even when you are on the move. How? It leverages extensive carrier networks to transmit voice over the Internet. Which is why instant talk, live tracking and other advanced features are possible. The power of crystal clear, real-time communication – enhanced by islandwide radio functionalities and applications – means you are utilizing a platform that is more than able to fully support your operations.

eDEN makes a significantly lower upfront investment. It is easy to use and can reduce your deployment and configuration time. The good news is, organizations can sign up with flexible payment options. You have the option to either purchase or even rent. Ask us today to find out which option is suitable for you.

Get the tool to get the job done

eDEN offers a myriad of telecommuting benefits for organizations and their people amid the challenges in today’s rapidly changing environments. Whether you need local, islandwide or global coverage, we have your business covered with a reliable tool to stay connected and engaged and realize the best outcomes.

Call us today and learn how eDEN can transform your business communications, at +65 6748 9773 or email sales@macrovista.com. Visit this page to know more.