Access control is generally used by every person to gain entry to your premises. It is the method of controlling those who go in, whether they are regular staff or visitors. With the use of credentials like FOB, key cards, codes and biometrics, organizations have the capability to provide unique entry to permitted people while having full control in tracking and monitoring the movement of those who enter.

Access control systems have become an important security solution because they can easily prevent unauthorized entry by granting this privilege only to the right individuals.

MVP’s Smart Access Control System reduces the risks of security infringements, theft, and other serious issues that could affect the overall welfare and security of your business. This provides you the means of authenticating and authorizing entry of every individual in your premise, providing full control through a network that ensures 100% security.

This system, when integrated with your physical security entrance, deals with the many issues concerning unapproved access into your office facility or building.

Your Face is the Key

As security becomes an important factor in ensuring the safety of people, the need to manage the office premises has become more crucial than ever. In fact, businesses are gradually transitioning from the use of security cards that are supplemented with the person’s company ID.

The problem with security cards is that they are prone to being misplaced or lost. If someone loses the card, the IT manager has to quickly de-activate this card and distribute a new one for the person to access the facility.

MVP’s Access Control System features a facial recognition technology for faster and more intuitive user authentication, with or without having a mask on. The result? Higher level of security but not to the detriment of the person’s experience.

MVP’s Host of Features

Aside from providing your business with extra layers of security, the MVP Smart Access Control comes with the following features:

Contactless temperature, which allows the system to read the person’s temperature and can trigger alert if the staff has high temperature. The built-in non-contact thermometer allows the temperature to be taken with minimal contact.

Self-administered. The access control system is easy to use. It does not require additional manpower to implement it well.

Management system. With the right system in place, it is easy to keep records and trace any activity under various circumstances.

Establish virtual security around your business today

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