Safety gloves are designed and manufactured to serve various industries for various applications. If you are in the military, law enforcement, and industrial sector, handling knives, guns, ropes, and heavy equipment, then you will appreciate the unique advantages of tactical safety gloves.

These gloves offer users a substantial hand protection from different hand-related injuries while allowing excellent hand movement and motor control in a wide range of environments and conditions.

Having a better grip especially in the most extreme conditions at work is very important. Tactical gloves give you that, protecting even the knuckles and fingers from unavoidable cuts. If you choose the high-quality brands, their premium-grade materials can deliver the kind of comfort that one needs to accomplish multiple tasks. They can be stretchable fit and snug yet touchscreen friendly.

What benefits do tactical gloves offer users?

• Ease of movement
• Comfort and snug in the hands
• High tactility
• Stretchable materials
• Snug

Who wears tactical gloves?

• Military
• Fire Responders
• Automotive
• Utilities

The military, for example, can benefit from this personal protective equipment which combines dexterity and defense. The Granberg 119.2201 Tactical One Shooting Gloves for example is made for shooting. It features soft impact protection that effectively secures the knuckles and fingers. It also features a Kevlar lining in the palm area which shields the user’s hands from heat and cuts and a Velcro closure on the wrist. It has a breathable nylon mesh on the back of the hand that can keep the hands cool and dry. There is a single layer of goatskin leather that provides touch sensitivity in fingertips.

Granberg 119.2201 Tactical One Shooting Gloves

There are instances when military operatives do rappel which can lead to some major cuts because of the friction heat of the rope. The tactical fast rope gloves are meant to protect one’s hands from this friction without leaving some damage to the hands. The Granberg 119.2202 Fast Rope Gloves offer such protection with its leather reinforcements in the palm which follow palmar flexion creases and rappelling control. For officers assigned on a rescue operation from military or civil helicopters, the Granberg 119.2209 is intended to withstand rigorous abuse that a hoist operator’s glove endures while controlling a hoist cable. The Kevlar lining in the palm and finger areas safeguard the hands from extreme abrasion, extreme heat, and potential sharp objects. This glove model is also ideal for a fire rescue mission done by the fire brigade personnel.


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