The job of a security guard is risky. Having a reliable two-way radio can protect his life while ensuring an immediate coordination response to other colleagues in case of situations or accidents on the job.


It is not just a tool, but a device that offers him a high level of protection at all times. With digital radios being offered to a wider user base, the analog radio continues to be a robust and reliable communication device that can easily connect him to his fellow security guards, or even first responders when something happens. The radio still removes unnecessary communication barriers, sends out information in real-time, and ensure security satisfaction for clients ranging from office buildings to large shopping complexes.


Traditional yet trustworthy


Choosing which radio still depends on the nature of work and the perceived level of risk, from security patrolling to high-risk frontline responsibilities. The analog two-way radio can still keep up with the demands of the profession, delivering exceptional audio quality, functionality and good coverage. It may be traditional handset but remains a capable and trusty one. Communication devices such as the MVP 328 (link: provides a wide range of radio features that can meet the needs of every security officer.


The MVP 328 is ergonomically designed to be lightweight, which makes it easy to hold and operate with one hand. Its major feature is its loud audio. Messages are transmitted to the rest of the colleagues quite clearly. In addition, it offers channel annunciation with up to 16 multi-channel scans. It is also rated IP54 that provides water and dust ingression for the handset.


MVP 328 Specifications


Frequency Range          400-470Mhz

Channel Spacing           12.5kHz/25kHz

Battery                         1500mAh

No. of Channels            16, multi-channel scan

Dimensions                  114mm x 60mm x 40mm

Weight                         270g


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