Drive on the major streets or walk into commercial buildings, and you will find authorized officials wearing body-worn cameras.

Wearing it may seem to be an overstatement but today, it is never considered the ‘new normal’ but next-level security and surveillance, given that it is compact and unobtrusive enough not to be worn without having a camera being shoved in someone’s face.

Body cameras have never been this pivotal in ensuring the safety of our communities especially during this time of the pandemic. This is the time when our front-line workers must keep an eye on everything that happens all around. They have been proven time and again to reduce complaints, improve public safety, and all the more increase productivity. The secret: The front-facing camera in the device has been critical in capturing incidents and surroundings.

Pandemic increases body camera demand

News from a UK-based company reveals that body cameras increased 30% sales growth year on year. The company reported that there has been 28% average growth annually over the past 4 years, and 55% growth in foreign exports in 2020. UK officials believe that body-worn cameras can provide support, reassurance, and confidence to both staff and the public. From an economic standpoint, if retailers intend to maximize their role in post-Covid economic recovery, body cameras offer measures to protect staff, customers and reduce losses.

Since Covid-19 emerged early last year, the Home Team has taken strides in supporting the nation’s response to this public health threat. They have partnered with the enforcement officers of the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) in conducting checks to places such as worker dormitories and job construction sites. Aside from wearing the standard personal protective equipment, they wear body-worn cameras to document conversations and actions as an additional measure.

If you have not considered purchasing a body camera or have tried before but are in the market to review new brands, look no further than the MVP BCW68. It has been used as a security tool to increase situational awareness by sharing real-time video in 1080HD. The Singapore Police Force, for instance, has used the MVP BCW68 body camera to maintain law and order during the 2020 National Elections and National Day.

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It’s time to empower our people and equip them with the surveillance tool to enable them to work more efficiently.

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