Private and public sectors in Singapore have long placed a high premium on security. We have been utilizing surveillance systems to monitor people’s movements and prevent various situations – crimes, terrorist attacks, and hazards – to ensure the welfare of our citizens.

Tech-enabled tools have been key to this success. They are widely used to fight unpleasant situations so we can continue sustaining peace and order. Body worn cameras are one of them. First introduced in the UK in 2005, body cameras are wearable cameras that let users see everything and miss nothing. They are designed to be small and light yet deliver advanced features such as full HD video recording, high-resolution camera imaging, night vision, live streaming, superior ingress protection to withstand water and dust, and a whole lot more.

Body cameras are generally used by law enforcement teams, first responders, and ambulance services. They can now be used in other sectors where evidence collection is important like construction. Body cameras can monitor and predict work-related hazards, thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). MVP BCW68 body camera, for instance, has the capability of identifying potential risks and stopping them through its AI-assisted features. With AI, one can predict how much percent these situations would happen based on accumulated data. Your safety manager or line supervisor can stream live feed in the site to the headquarters in real-time. Through the use of the MVP Video Management System, every incident that is captured can be stored and archived for future safety auditing.

There are also many other events where the BCW68 was used. In Singapore’s 2020 General Elections, MacroVista supplied MVP BCW68 body cameras to Singapore Police Force (SPF) to aid law enforcement during the entire campaign and up to the actual polling day. The cameras were deployed across the whole island nation.

The BCW68 was also deployed by the SPF to maintain law and order during the one-day celebration of Singapore’s 55th National Day as events were celebrated across the island over 10 locations.

Our security has moved up notches higher when the country got hit by the coronavirus disease early this year. The good thing about it is that we were able to address it quickly by implementing a multi-pronged surveillance strategy to detect and reduce transmission. Now, symptoms can be detected through thermal or temperature scanners.

Thermal scanners are non-invasive devices that identify, record, and produce careful analysis and image of skin surface temperature patterns. Every organization will find this a good security measure because they can be used to screen people at the entrance of the building, or office reception before they are given access. The MVP Smart Access Control System does this – and more. It is a powerful combination of thermal scanners and management software. The scanner has an 8-inch screen size that could fit any face, with a measurement response time of 300ms. For accurate capture, its range can go up to 1.5 meters. It measures a temperature range from 16 to 40-degree Celsius with a temperature accuracy of ±0.3-degree Celsius.

It features facial image recording, facial storage capacity of 160,000 records and face storage capacity of up to 24,000 images, contactless temperature reading with alert notifications, attendance scheduling, easy management and tracking of records, door access system activation and more.

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