From stacking, shelving and monitoring orders to a store, to securing a VIP during a meeting, walkie-talkies or two-way radios offer reliable, instant ‘hands-free’ communications. End users can attest that it does not take long for an ‘important message’ to reach the other person at the touch of a button. Communicating is immediate and accurate, with no misrecognition to correct. That is why portable radios have remained a popular choice for communications with security agencies, emergency response teams, military and police officers.

To rent, or not to rent?

Some businesses or sectors, however, believe that they do not have to purchase walkie-talkies for use at work. They realise that it makes more sense for them to rent rather than to buy a set of walkie-talkies. No need to maintain these devices. They just hire based on their requirement. And it is more cost efficient.

If you are an event or conference organiser, using a pair of walkies will not be sufficient especially if you need to assign various people in different areas in a venue. They have to prompt the technical team immediately once the next speaker comes up on stage, or coordinate with the kitchen staff if the food in the banquet hall runs out. Speaking to one another via walkie-talkies is far quicker and more precise than sending text messages on the fly. Better communications – without having to use a smartphone – means fewer glitches.

 The Advantages of Walkie Talkie Rental

Walkie talkies are essential for special one-time events or occasions, such as annual field trips then store these devices for use next year, or a special sporting event that could draw thousands of guests in a huge stadium that makes it extremely impossible to communicate.

Why is it more logical to book than to buy? There are operational – as well as financial – benefits to renting two-way radios.

Best value for money. Renting walkie-talkie sets is more cost effective than acquiring them. In what way, you ask? You do not have to think about maintenance if something goes wrong with one of them. The provider can easily replace a faulty item in a matter of minutes. No need for long-term contracts or subscriptions.

Best brands for use. You can choose from a wide range of walkie-talkie brands in the market. These are Hytera, iCom, Standard Horizon, and MVP.

You can choose from different types – analogue, digital and intrinsically safe walkie-talkies. For larger sites, there are available UHF and VHF repeaters designed to expand the coverage of these radios. You can definitely take your pick.

Set up – not required. These radios are ready to use. You just have to learn the operating basics and you are good to go. Rent only for a specific period or how many you need. More importantly, they come with various accessories – remote speaker microphones, PTT earbuds, waterproof pouch, over the head headset – to make the most of your walkie-talkie devices. In fact, these are compatible with different brands or models.

Customer support. Rental service providers generally have dedicated customer service team that is specialised in handling all types of enquiries and technical issues related to setup, troubleshooting and costs. Because of this, you can be sure that help is ready whenever and wherever.

Walkie-talkies will come in handy for various events with a number of people being spread out over a large area. Which is why renting is ideal for the following:

  • concerts and music festivals
  • fun runs
  • marathons
  • sports (i.e. football, car rallies)
  • food and beverage
  • weddings and banquets
  • oil and refinery plants

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