HexArmor NXT 10-302

  • SuperFabric®* brand materials provide industry-leading cut resistance
  • 3-finger coverage targets primary area for knife strikes
  • Shielding design of fibers and guardplates reduces the ability of fibers to “window,” or separate
  • High dexterity Coretek® fiber keeps hands cool and comfortable
  • Elastic cuff for a comfortable fit
  • Designed to be worn under standard nitrile, latex, or vinyl glove
  • Meets European food migration testing (EN 1186:2002 SI 1998 No 1376*)
  • Launderable/sanitizeable (can be washed in a commercial dishwasher)
  • ANSI/ISEA CUT (Coretek® shell): A1
  • ANSI/ISEA CUT (SuperFabric® area): A7
  • GRAM SCORE (Coretek® shell): 405
  • GRAM SCORE (SuperFabric® area): 4196
  • CE: 4X42A

The NXT® Series takes a knit ambidextrous glove structure and delivers the highest cut-resistance levels by adding SuperFabric®* brand material armor plating on top of a Coretek® cut resistant performance shell. This technology means we give your employees the best tools in safety: high cut-resistance, shielding from puncture hazards, and dexterity to perform their job. In other words, NXT® Series is the ultimate in mechanical protection, a true revolution in hand protection.

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