HexArmor HeatArmor® 1020 heat shield

  • Offers additional protection on back-of-hand from heat and sparks
  • HeatHide® technology treated split cowhide leather for better contact heat resistance
  • Aluminized cowhide leather
  • Aramid stitching throughout for added strength and durability
  • Kevlar® and fiberglass interior layer for better heat resistance
  • Reinforced leather and elastic straps for greater longevity

Built to handle the most extreme occupational heat hazards, HexArmor’s HeatArmor® series is built from the inside out, with technologies that provide industry-leading cut, puncture, and heat resistance.

The 1020 aluminized heat shield is built over a heat resistant kevlar/fiberglass blend layer and HeatHide® split cowhide leather. Improved strap design with leather reinforcements provides better longevity

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